Ashland Township

Newaygo County, Michigan

Resolution #03-1-16

Adopted: 3-16-2016

Effective: Immediately Upon Adoption


Whereas the Ashland Township Cemetery Ordinance allows the Township Board to approve burial and grave opening fees and other charges related to burials in the Township cemeteries; and


Whereas, the Township Board approves the following fee schedule for burial, disinterment’s, grave openings and other activities associated with the Ashland Township cemeteries; and


Whereas the Township Board authorizes the posting of the fee schedule and authorizes the Township Clerk and personnel to bill and collect the same upon the ordering of any identified actions.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Township Board of Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michigan adopts the following fee schedules and authorizes posting of the same and collection thereof:





The following rates apply per opening.


Disinterment                                                     $        500.00 not to exceed $2500.00


Full size grave         (Resident)                                    300.00


Baby grave              (Resident)                                    100.00


Cremations Burial    (Resident)                                    150.00


Past Resident Property Owner, Full Size                     300.00


Non-Resident                                                             600.00


Resident Non Property Owner                                    600.00


All other Baby or Cremation Openings                         300.00


Transfer fee of burial rights to non-resident                  200.00


For all Burials on Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holiday (New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day) there shall be an additional charge of $175.00


The Cemetery Sexton shall collect Grave Opening and Burial “Fees and remit fees to the Ashland Township Clerk. Checks be made payable to Ashland Township.


Fees for Grave Openings shall apply for both summer and winter.


Snow conditions may require additional charges for snow removal. If conditions require equipment other than what is possessed by Ashland Township, the party requesting the burial will be charged the actual cost of such equipment, with an advanced payment of $200.00. Any difference will be billed or refunded.              


Any waiver of the Regulations or Fees shall be approved by the Ashland Township Board.